Tucson Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

These ISPs serve the general public with Dial-Up SLIP/PPP and/or Shell Accounts.

Internet Service Provider Telephone Number E-mail address
Concentric Network(800) 745-2747kris@concentric.net
Dakota Communications (520)745-3900sales@dakotacom.net
EarthLink(800) 395-8425sales@mindspring.net
Flash Net (888) FLASHNETsales@flash.net
Frontier GlobalCenter(800) 482-4848webmaster@frontiercorp.com
Gain Communications(520) 3889100sales@gci-net.com
StarNet (DSL only)(520) 573-4667 support@azstarnet.com
The River(520) 745-1009staff@pantano.theriver.com
WinStar GoodNet(602) 648-1000info@goodnet.com
AT&T WorldNet (800) WORLDNETworldnet@attmail.com

For more information about these and other Arizona Internet Service Providers see the ISP list at Arizona Health Sciences Library.

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