Arizona's Boating Lakes sorted by distance from Tucson

Max. Surface Area (acres)Avg. Surface Area (acres)Max Elevation (feet)Distance from Tucson (miles)FishingBoatingWater Skiing
Patagonia Lake260260376073YYY
Picacho Reservoir170075150573YY
Canyon Lake9479261660139YYY
San Carlos Lake1998532002525145YYY
Saguaro Lake128011951529148YYY
Theodore Roosevelt Lake17315130582136153YYY
Apache Lake265625681914165YYY
Lake Pleasant1204067001665172YYY
Bartlett Reservoir277520151798182YYY
Horseshoe Reservoir276210602026182YY
Watson Lake207705162226YY
Lyman Lake150014005978229YYY
Pecks Lake90773332237YY
Mittry Lake1312388185250YY
Imperial Reservoir600400190256YYY
Long Lake3722686737258YY
Martinez Lake640640190262YYY
Mormon Lake25606007100263YY
Alamo Reservoir1710035301235268YY
Upper Lake Mary8764506819277YYY
Colorado River -- Parker to Parker Dam

Lake Havasu2040019300450317YYY
Clear Creek Reservoir85454867331YYY
Lake Mohave2880026500647337YYY
Cholla Lake3603605023353YYY
Topock Marsh40004000360357YY
Many Farms Lake177010005315370YY
Lake Mead1627001100001221386YYY
Colorado River -- Lees Ferry

Colorado River

Lake Powell1690301600003650403YYY

Note: only lakes with no motor restrictions are listed.

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